Tree removal is not a service that we like to emphasize, but it is a very necessary part of arboriculture and one that Higher Calling executes professionally. Removals are often performed to eliminate dead and dying trees and those that have become hazardous and cannot be mitigated by other accepted arboricultural practices. Removals are also done to eliminate competition among trees so the remaining plants have more light and space to develop. Trees are also commonly removed to allow for new construction, building additions, and to provide clearances with those structures.

Shopping for a tree removal service is unique because you don’t need knowledge in arboriculture to remove a tree. But you don’t want just any someone with a chain saw in his hand either. What you need is somebody with good insurance (ALWAYS ask to see a certificate, BEFORE any work begins), great experience and skill at working with difficult situations, but especially those with a mentality for and training in safety. Tree removal is extremely hazardous and can be quite difficult in most situations. Higher Calling’s tree experts are experienced and highly trained in the art and science of tree removal, and offer tree removal services for small, large and/or hazardous trees. Our goal in all of our tree work operations is to provide thorough clean up of debris, and cause minimal impact to surrounding vegetation. We also offer lot and land clearing. Ask about our LOW IMPACT, “select” cutting for larger “asset timber” property.

Prices for tree removal services are based on many factors. Size of the tree is the obvious main factor. But the extent of landscaping adjacent to the tree will influence our time on the job. The location of the tree is another important factor. Trees located in a back yard require much more time due to the labor of hauling debris around the house and to the street. Access to the tree can greatly affect price as well. If we can get a small piece of equipment, like a bobcat, to the tree it will help removal of large logs. We do not charge for estimates so please contact us to receive a free quote.


Our tree removal services include removing the tree as close to ground level as possible. Stump removal is a separate service; see the stump removal page for details.